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“Communities  make quicker progress when they work with like minded people”

We at Silverstone believe this to be absolutely irrefutable. Silverstone FIGHTING FIT CLUB offers out door health classes , almost every day of the year, rain or shine.. Whether you want to power walk, sprint, circuit train, resistance train, roller skate, skateboard, yoga, tai chi, box or get involved with Martial  Arts, we offer it all at a park near you. The ethos is for us all to come together, support and share ways to improve the physical aspects of health.

How it Works

We will post on the website where the class will be taking place, parks already chosen are:

  • Tatem Park
  • Lordship Park
  • Broomsfield Park
  • Hyde Park
  • Gorelands Park

All you simply have to do is turn up at the published time, join in and gain the benefits of learning, sharing different ways of keeping fit and healthy.

“do or don’t do” Bruce Lee.

This is a community FREE OF CHARGE!!!!!! For more details Please Contact Us

Silverstone is closed for stock check. Reopening soon